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Return Policy
      All Humble Recovery Products supplements come with a 10 day return policy from manufacturer defects.  If the item you receive from us is damaged due to manufacturer defect please send the item back and we will replace the unused item upon receipt of the old one.  Damage due to shipping is not usually covered but be assured we pack all of our products professionally in either bubble wrap or poly styrene peanuts to protect them during shipping.  If any damage occurs during shipping please contact us as we handle these instances on a case by case basis.

     Feel confident about the product you order and know that Humble Recovery Products is here to provide you with high quality products that are delivered to your door with the greatest of care.  Each package is hand packed and wrapped in either bubble wrap or poly-styrene peanuts depending on the requirements of the product. Each item is also inspected before being shipped to a customer.  Know that we are here to help with any questions please contact us at: [email protected]
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